Time, Talent and Treasure International Foundation fights abject poverty affecting the residents of Bogesumwa Village...


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Time, Talent and Treasure International Foundation fights abject poverty affecting the residents of Bogesumwa Village


Time Talent and Treasure International Foundation


As the name of this foundation suggests, God has given us numerous gifts that we are supposed to use for the purpose of making this world a much better place to live. Truth is, that some people have been blessed with more than one gift and it does not matter whether you have one gift or not, what matters is how you use that Gift that God has given you to serve others. Truth is that there are so many problems in this world that we may not solve overnight but we can contribute generously our talents, time and treasure to lessen those problems. This foundation will primarily focus on problems that are affecting a small village in Kisii-Kenya called Bogesumwa Village. In this village, and like many other villages in Kenya, there is no piped water or clean drinking water, no sewage disposal among other basic social amenities. 99% of the residents of this village are subsistence farmers with no other source of income, living in grass thatched mud houses. These residents walk more than a mile to fetch water for drinking...

Together we can work

and change the lives of the many that have lost hope..

The problems that this foundation has identified are:

  • Lack of educational resources of books and technology
  • Lack of economic resources and limited access to farm inputs
  • Lack of mentors for orphans of AIDS victims
  • Limited activities, isolation of residents due to rigor of survival/toil required
  • Limited health resources for preventive care and emergency/first aid care
  • Lack of transportation service to clinic

These problems can be countered by Foundation provisions, such as plans to:

  • Build a library and equip it with books and computers.
  • Offer small loans to farmers so that they can purchase farm inputs like fertilizers, pesticides etc.
  • Assist the needy students especially orphans (provide food, clothing, shelter and eventual scholarships) so that they can reach their full potential
  • Build a community center
  • Build a clinic thus improving health of the residents (through emergency care, first aid, preventive care/checkups
  • Provide ambulance for transport of residents to the clinic.


This organization was inspired by friends who are both former and present parishioners that I have served here in the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago since I was ordained a priest in 2007. These friends have visited Kenya, or heard about Kenya through social media, or through Kenya’s famous Animal Safaris or they have seen pictures that I regularly post in my social media....

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